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Cyber Health Check

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The security MOT for your company
Are you worried about cyber risks but don’t know where to start?

RightCue offers a tailored assessment of your current resilience against cyber-attacks and data loss which is designed specifically for your company. We’ll look at the most critical security challenges faced by you and provide you with a workable management action plan to overcome these challenges in a most effective manner.

Our checks cover

  • Existing vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Resilience against malware attacks
  • Risk of being externally hacked
  • Ability to recover from a potential cyber attack
  • Staff awareness to prevent accidental data loss

Our Methodology: Security Expertise combined with Intelligent tools

The security health checks are conducted using 3 pronged approach for a comprehensive coverage:

  • Running advanced tools on your infrastructure
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Review of existing policies and processes.

This is an on-site assessment so our clients benefit from access to a fully qualified and trained expert who in turn has access to our combined intelligence gathered by working with multiple organisations.

Deliverables : The action plan

The end result is a detailed and practical step by step guidance that will help our clients prioritise the highest risk areas. As we work as independent auditors, our recommendations are solution oriented but vendor agnostic.

Price: The best value for money

You get all this for a fixed price of £900 (ex VAT). (Valid for a company with up to 100 employees)

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