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There has been an increase in cyber crimes and fraudulent activities in the last few years, largely due to ease of access via the internet. However, a high percentage of fraud is carried out internally by employees.

If you suspect your business has been a victim of fraud, you will want a discrete independent professional team to support you.

We can offer a number of services to help:

We will be able to provide evidence to back up your suspicions of fraud. We can also support you, should you choose to take legal action.

Carrying out this kind of work inevitably identifies vulnerabilities in your internal systems, which we will highlight. We are happy to work with you to rectify any risks, and strengthen your information security.

At Right Cue we have all the skills and resources required to conduct the range of complex Fraud investigations, we enhance our capability with our trusted partners Ethica Solutions, a company comprising experienced investigators with experience of the most complex and sensitive investigations who will support us in the event that an investigation requires the gathering of non documentary/ digital evidence etc, including investigative interviewing of witnesses and suspects, surveillance and file building.

With our partners we have therefore capability across the spectrum of investigations.

If you need assistance with fraud investigation, please contact us on +44 1256 406 601.