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“We started working with RightCue when we were preparing for GDPR, and decided to obtain the Cyber Essentials and IASME accreditations. The RightCue team provided a complete framework and then guided us through the steps we needed to take. Yogesh really impressed me – he had a detailed technical knowledge, and offered up pragmatic solutions as part of the way forward in achieving accreditation. I found the whole team friendly and very approachable. They were good at explaining things, diligent and responded positively to feedback.

There is no doubt working with RightCue saved me a hell of a lot of time. I didn’t have to spend ages researching solutions. I would say RightCue are a very dependable resource, and are reassuringly competent. A good choice if you’re looking to acquire security accreditations.”


“We made the decision to obtain industry recognised accreditation to prove to existing clients and prospects just how seriously we take cyber security. Equally, we wanted to ensure we were ready for GDPR. We have been hugely impressed with the team at Right Cue. They are very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. I found Yogesh to be very responsive – even when I raised a query in the evening, it would be replied to quickly. I would say they have gone above and beyond what I was expecting, and their input has been hugely appreciated.

There is no doubt our accreditations will provide us with a competitive advantage in the future. Achieving those accreditations was so much easier, by working with an experienced and accomplished team of professionals, such as Right Cue. I would be very happy to recommend them.”


“There was a large company who seemed to dominate the market, but we felt they would just “turn the handles” rather than care about the process – they would just take it away and do it, and we wouldn’t learn anything through it.

We wanted a local company, and hence chose RightCue. Also, as it was obvious Right Cue were an SME and so are we, so we felt they would be on the same page, and understand our challenges.”


“Whilst going for a computer security accreditation is never easy, the team at RightCue made it as painless as possible.  They were clearly very knowledgeable and as helpful as they could be, given their role as a certification body.  They also responded very quickly to my emails and calls.

When we come to consider the next stage in our accreditation, I would have no hesitation in working with RightCue again to achieve this.  Choosing a supplier without a personal recommendation can be risky, but I have to say I have been delighted and would be very happy to recommend Right Cue to any small company that needs help with Cyber Essentials.”


“I was incredibly impressed with the RightCue team, particularly Yogesh. I have been involved in audits with the big consulting houses like PW and Yogesh was far harder hitting. He had no problem with challenging us, and really seeking out evidence that we were complying with the accreditation requirements. He was super punctual too – which I really appreciated, as it is such a rarity.

Communication was excellent. We achieved all three accreditations – Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME within a five day period. It was very hard work, but I believe we are the first further education establishment to achieve it in one sitting. But beyond the accreditations, Yogesh has caused us to think harder. To develop a maturity for our cyber security – processes and ideas for the future, and to think beyond IT to the business implications. Would I work with RightCue again? Absolutely, without hesitation.”


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